About Us

Esperanza En Escalante (EEE) is a non-profit organization (501c3) formed in 1989 by the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 106 of Tucson Arizona.

Located on approximately 19 acres, EEE is continually being evaluated and updated, always with the needs of the our Veterans in mind. We provide housing, social services, programs and transportation to assist a Veteran’s transition into everyday life. EEE works closely with the City of Tucson, the State of Arizona, the Veteran's Administration and many other institutions and organizations meeting the physical and social needs of our honored veterans.

The Preamble

With reverence for God and country, and being ever mindful of the traditions of the United States military, we, the members of Esperanza En Escalante, do band together to aid, assist, promote, and act for the benefit of Esperanza En Escalante, its veterans and veterans’ families. Out of our interest in the welfare of persons who have served and are serving in the United States military, our devotion to our fellow veterans in fortune or distress, and our reverence for the memory of our departed veterans, we unite to further the aims and objectives of this organization.

Our Organization

To Accomplish These Goals

Esperanza En Escalante receives funding from several sources:
  • US Government: EEE has per-diem grants with the US Department of Veterans Affairs covering some of our honored veterans. Veterans also contribute up to 30% of their external income towards the equivalent of paying monthly rent.
  • State Government: Arizona Department of Housing
  • Local Government: EEE has received various Pima County and City of Tucson Community Development and Community Services Block Grants
  • Churches/NGOs: EEE receives ongoing financial and volunteer support from the Saguaro Christian Church Outreach Program (Disciples of Christ)
  • Private: HUNDREDS of private companies, veteran associations and individuals throughout Southern Arizona have donated cash, materials and time to build the Transitional Housing for Veterans as well as, provide assistance in a myriad of ways. Companies such as Home Depot and organizations like the Arizona Builder’s Alliance and Rebuilding Together all support and honor those who have served.

Through these organizations, private individuals and the diligent work of the staff of Esperanza En Escalante, our honored veterans are relieved of the many stresses contributing to homelessness and guided to a life deserving of the sacrifices they have made.

Veterans Housing
3700 S Calle Polar, Tucson, AZ 85730
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